Demo app 2.11 + awaiting admin tab error

@sharif If i click awaiting admin tab in the demo app. am getting null pointer error.

What are you trying to access, As you can see coreapps does not have a view named AwaitingAdmission view Provider. Try accessing another view and see

Actually this seems to be a bug., i cannot access that url using this same url Anyone to comfirm to be sure cc @dkayiwa @mksd @mozzy

@prapakaran feel free to create a ticket in RA and try to describe this use case,and include steps to reproduce this issue then it will later be worked on after a thorough review thanks

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@sharif @dkayiwa Can you please point to openMRs nightly build URL. I just want download in my local machine and test it.

It seems that Url that includes openmrs/coreapps/adt/ cannot be accessed cc @dkayiwa @ibacher any suggestion about this. thanks

Here we go:

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@sharif @dkayiwa @bistenes I downloaded latest build and trying to install the application and getting the below error. Anyone gone through like this.

Instead of a screenshot, can you share the full log via

@sharif @dkayiwa Perhaps related— attempts to access a non-existent view should return 404 (or another 4xx error), definitely not 500. It would be great to be a bit more diligent about guarding against NPEs.

True @bistenes so shall we go ahead and create a ticket for that to have a 404 page, do you mind creating this ticket, or i can go ahead and create to track this change?

I just double checked ( Downloaded war file + reference application. It looks same error. Please find the pin. We need to investigate on this.

@prapakaran could please help me , elaborate the steps you are following such that i can reproduce on ci such that we can be on the same page, it would help us reproducing it

@sharif Please find the Jira for reproducing the defect. @dkayiwa @bistenes

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@sharif Did you get chance to check the ticket.

@prapakaran unfortunately not, i have not reproduced this on docker , Currently my docker container stops instantly when i try starting it , Did you try reproducing this on local server

@sharif i am reproducing in my mac and happy to show you via hangout call. what the best time to reach it. I am free 4 PM to 6 PM CST US time all day. Let me know your working time and schedule something.

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Sure we can have a call may be convenient time for me would be 4PM TO 6PM EAT , is it convenient for you ? or schedule a call in either IST or UTC time zone