Deleting Patient on the RefApp

Hi all,

I would like to know the use for asking a reason while deleting a patient. I created a patient and tried deleting that same patient, I had to give a reason for deleting the patient. I would like to know why it’s so and also this gets me wondering if am able to retrieve this deleted patient as well.

Just out of curiosity :grinning: @dkayiwa @ball @darius @mozzy


to help in keeping records for an easy follow up later,a reason to why the patient record is deleted can be captured…

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:smiley: @odorajonathan its good you have also laughed at your self. Let me also ask you question .
Why would really any one be deleting a patient who was registered in the system??
The answer to my question is the answer to your question

About Retrieving. it depends. We have two kinds of deleting.

  • Soft deleting which we call voiding. here the deleted patiend can be retrieved

  • Permanet deleting which we call purging. here you cant retrieve the deleted patient

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Thanks @herbert24 @mozzy for that, now that’s what I wanted to clarify especially on retrieving patients. Deleting patients may vary on reason though but retrieving is what I really wanted to know more about but that settles my curiosity

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