Deleting Inactive OpenMRS ID

I am wondering if its possible to delete inactive Openmrs ID on request from the user who own more than one. Use case: I opened up more than one id when I was new to community after messing up with ID registration process by then. I get to miss some important notifications when am tagged with inactive id which is associated to an email that I lost access to, Its from this point that i would request any one concerned to delete my inactive id @daudkakumirizi17 . There could be also some one out there with the same issue. However, this action should be done on request from the id owner.
cc: @cintiadr @burke @jennifer @dkayiwa

The account daudkakumirizi17 is deleted on Formage though you may still see it on TALK.

Am wondering why this id user still exists with the profile here

Talk account deleted for daudkakumirizi17.


formage and OpenMRS ID should really be put out of their misery. OpenMRS ID is running a severely end of life version of Node and formage is also terrible. There are also numerous severe security vulnerabilities in several libraries which OpenMRS ID uses. Updating OpenMRS ID to the current node version would mean a lot of work for whoever takes it on.

Either someone needs to write something to replace to, or just remove it entirely from the infrastructure. The whole thing is rather bad to run right now. It did what it needed to, but there are better options available now.

One thing about Discourse accounts: you could merge them into an existing account.

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Thanks @burke

I completely agree with you on this!

Do you have any options in mind that you would suggest?

I would guess keycloak.

Status Feature
  :heavy_check_mark: Open source
  :heavy_check_mark: LDAP support
  :question: Easy to self-host & maintain
  :man_shrugging:* Compatible with Atlassian Access

* Configure SAML single sign-on with an identity provider (Keycloak is not officially supported by Atlassian, but should work)

@dkayiwa kindly help me delete this account @domix1996 from talk. I have deleted from Formage already per the user’s request. Thanks.

@jwnasambu i think it gets automatically deleted once the sync happens.


Thanks so much! I now get a clear picture.

I have a problem in logging into a github

Then contact GitHub support.

Finally I have logged into github

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