Delete DOB & Relationships

I want to delete DOB and relationships from registration page. I want to retain only age: years, months and days field Anyone please help with procedure Thanks

There is no option to remove the field (DOB) completely. But you can choose to remove it as a mandatory filed Please follow the documentation

To remove the relationship section from the page, retire all the relationship types that are existing right now. The section on the page shows up if you have any relationship types configured. For more info please look at Configuring Relationship Types

thanks for help. can you please help how to add wards and bed i have placed sample_bed_management_locations.sql in var/www/bahmin-config/openmrs/bedmanagement/ Nothing happens when i change attributes in sample sql file

You have to make required changes to the file and execute it.

and how to execute ??

Please use the bellow command to execute the sql file.

the command worked only once. when i execute same command with same sql file but having different bed names. then command throws error ERROR 1242 (21000) at line 12: Subquery returns more than 1 row. How can i overwrite the sql

Can you share the sql. We need to see what is there in Line 12.

Can you run this query and tell me what the output?

This query is supposed to return only 1 row. Looks like in your db there are duplicates so it returning more than 1. So u can remove duplicate rows keeping exactly one Admission Location Tag

ok will try thanks

how to remove duplicate from database

Confirm if you have two entries for below query select location_tag_id from location_tag where name="Admission Location";

If yes, then delete one of the them.

Single entry

share the output of the query

It would be helpful to debug the problem if you can share the sql file also.

i can paste screenshot of sql. Sql upload is not permited here

Use to share the contents of the file

Please share the output of below query

select location_tag_id from location_tag where name='Admission Location'