Delete DoB field from Registration page


How to remove DoB field from patient registration page ? I tried making changes in patientcommon.html and even dob.html but was unable to remove.

I think Age is mandatory!

Hi @angshuonline, yes age is mandatory, I want to keep Age field as it is , only want to remove DoB. So how can I do that ?

Even if you mark the age, the dob is calculated. As of now. its not possible to NOT show Dob fields. (maybe we can hide the field)

So how can we hide that field ?

As of now, you can’t!

Ok Thank you for replying @angshuonline

Have you tried modifying this line from registration registration/views/patientcommon.html?.

You need to check if it stores age for newly created patient and does not use DoB anywhere else.


Age below one year is shown 0 while printing the registration ticket. Lets say 11 month and registration ticket comes with age 0. Any clue on this.

That may be because of this filter here

So if you remove the filter {{patient.age | age }}in the registrationcardlayout/print.html (or the one with bardcode) as shown below

                <td class="registrationCard-details-name">
                    <span class="hindi-text">Age</span>
                <td class="registrationCard-details-seperator"> :  </td>
                <td>{{patient.age.years}}years  {{patient.age.months}}months</td>

it will work.