Defaulting patient id for searching and creating new Appointments.

Hi Everyone,

We are using the Bahmni appointments module on top of an openmrs implementation. There is a requirement for which we want to configure links on different patient specific dashboards to redirect to

  1. List appointments for the patient.
  2. Create new Appointment for the patient.

We are planning to achieve this by passing patientId as a query param in the URL.

  1. For list view it could be something like /home/manage/appointments/list?patientId=10000X. And this can be used to pre populate the search bar as

  2. We can do the same for /new as well and use it to fill the patient Id in add new appointment section.

We had raised it in a PAT call earlier, please let us know your thoughts.

@snehabagri @binduak @angshuonline

cc: @mksd @mddubey @rrameshbtech

It would also load the data, or we would still need to click on search.

It would be nice if you can do it using the new UI code written in React.

@sukreet why would you diverge from using the patient UUID as a query param?

@mksd Sorry, My mistake, We will be using the patient UUID itself.

I have created a card for this. For now we are doing it in the old UI code written using Angular .

We have also create a backlog card to incorporate these changes in the new UI code written in react and we will be picking this up later.

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