Default admin account

While I was running my local repo, it suddenly logged out and I was not able to log in to default admin account using admin:Admin123. I tried various combinations of admin:test, admin:test but nothing worked. I then tried the alternative solution of dropping the database and installing a new one. I was able to login using admin:Admin123 but when I tried it to this repo I forked and was working on, GitHub - openmrs/openmrs-esm-patient-chart: This repo houses all EMR patient chart components for OpenMRS v3 I still was not able to log in. What other solutions could I do to fix this?

Hey @wussei

I’m actually not sure why they’ve changed also it’s reflected in dev3, but you may try with this credentials.

User : nurse

Password : Nurse123

@ibacher wasn’t Reset Dev3 supposed to be helping here?

I intentionally didn’t have it reset the data, but that’s been changed, so now it will.