Date for GSoC 2021 Newbie/Student Webinar and Social hour

hello every one ,kindly help us choose the best time you can be available for the gsoc webinar and social hour by filling in the doodle poll here Doodle - Make meetings happen

cc @jennifer @grace


Thanks for setting up this poll, @herbert24!

A little more background for those who are wondering what the webinar and social hour is all about.

Social Hour? This is a time for anyone new to OpenMRS, and particularly those who are interested in GSoC, to get together and introduce themselves, where they’re from, and what they like most about OpenMRS.

Webinar? This introductory webinar will help you get to know our community, how we work, and provide you with an overview of our main conventions.

Thanks @herbert24, I’m sure this will help newbie.


Hello everyone, my name is Deepak and I am interested in participating in OpenMRS for GSoC 2021. I have looked through the idealist and came around the “Administration Dashboard” and I am familiar with skills required for developing the project. Any walkthrough regarding the OpenMRS codebase and setup would be highly appreciated. Thankyou

Hello @deepak ! Welcome to OpenMRS and we are glad you want to contribute in here. You can look into the docs here and look at this page for more information on the project discussion.

For guidelines on GSoC, you can also check this post. I hope this helps you out.


Thanks a lot! This would surely help everyone understand the OpenMRS community better.


Thank you @herbert24

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Thanks to everyone who attended last Friday’s Social Hour - it was great to get to know you!

Save the date! We’ll be having the “Getting to Know OpenMRS” webinar on Wednesday, March 24 at 3pm UTC. Please look out for announcements with more details in the next day or so.


Thank You @jennifer !

Noted @jennifer. Thank you.

Thanks Jennifer, really need a second session

Hi everyone! I joined the community the other day. I would like to know will there be a recording of the webinar? Because the time doesn’t work for my time zone (AEDT, Australia).

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sure the recording will be available

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Thank you @herbert24. That’s great to hear. Could you also tell how I can get the link on it? Because in the post there is no information or link where the last webinar went.

am going to reach out to @jennifer @grace so that they share the recording for the social hour webinar here and for the forth coming webinar on Wednesday “Getting to Know OpenMRS” its recording will be shared here too

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Thanks @herbert24. That will be very helpful.

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@maria Here is a link to the recording for the Social Hour on March 12.


Thank you @jennifer

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