Date fields are causing errors in patient registration

Dear All, When I try to enter a date field (Date of Adherence Assessment) at patient registration, I get an error that “Something went wrong”. I created the field in cflui.registerPatient.json file. The code can be accessed in this link { "label": "ART Adherence", "title": "Participants Demo - I then created a person attribute type, Date of Adherence Assessment of format org.openmrs.util.AttributableDate. What could be the issue? Please advise.

That json payload has an error. You can try this { "label": "ART Adherence", "title": "Participants Demographics", "subt - Let us know if that help. Feel free to use jsonvalidator to check your json files.

Thanks @sharif for the response. However, I had some other blocks of code that’s why I had a a comma at the end. I have used the jsonvalidator and no problem was found in the json payload. A note that my issue is not yet resolved.

Which issue exactly are you still encounting?.