Date Changed on Orders?

Sorry if this has been discussed before, I’ve generally been blissfully able to just skim the long discussions on orders, because they haven’t been particularly relevant to me… :slight_smile:

Has there been thoughts of adding a “date_changed” to the orders table? I know that the idea is that orders are immutable, but it appears that it is possible to change the date_stopped of an order. I believe this must go along with the creation of a new “discontinued” order, but for simple row-by-row auditing of the orders table it would be valuable to have a date_changed on Orders. (We are working with a row-per-order data export from our endTB system and our researcher has asked for a date_changed so that he knows which rows he needs to re-import).

Take care, Mark

There is fields that can be set from null on an order which technically means they change, so it makes sense to have the audit fields in the DB