Database Related Questions | Access & Change Password | Backup

Hello Everyone,

I have some basic questions about database (mysql & psql)…

  1. How to change the database passwords and configure bahmni to use the same.
  2. Can i use any opensource gui to handle the administration of MySQL & psql over the Web like phpmyadmin so we can backup database and made any changes easily. (If yes please suggest any open-source software that can manage both mysql & psql)

More questions soon :smiley:


Hello @mayanksworld

PASSWORDS: You can change the passwords of the underlying MySQL and Postgres DB using standard password change commands for these databases. But, if you change the defaults, you will also need to change these settings in various locations in Bahmni. This trello card here mentions where all:

As you can see, its a lot of places! So, if you really do need to change it, you will need to keep aside some time. If you are only “evaluating” Bahmni currently, then maybe you can wait before moving to production to make this change.

Also note that we are moving towards a faster and more convenient Ansible based method of configuration for Bahmni. The first cut of that will come in v0.79 release next week, but it will be fully ready most likely by v0.81 scheduled in 1st week of May. Once, that is in place, one only needs to change the credential information in one place.

GUI for Configuration Yes you can use any standard GUI tools including phpmyadmin, etc for editing / modifying entries in the databases. We also have backup and restore commands mentioned here which are commonly used to store snapshots of the database for restoring later.

Since I use intelliJ Idea, it provides a good & simple UI for connecting to databases and editing rows/etc.

Looking the trello card, I have to make changes at so many places. I am testing and getting ready to move bahmni from development to production environment and soon will start trials with it by implementing partially. Better i gonna wait for few more weeks for a good UI based database management as you all are working/developing new improved bahmni, thanks a lot for supporting this project.

I am going to install and try phpmyadmin for mysql but what to use for psql??

Thanks For the Reply.

A huge list of possible tools is available here for PHP:

Has the method of changing default password been updated ? because i just installed v0.89, and i want to change default passwords of all Bahmni applications to avoid bad surprise.

Hi @soopafly,

We have moved to Ansible based configuration from v0.81 Bahmni. You can now change the default passwords of all the Applications from UI. Let us know if you face any issues.

How ? can you guide us please ? I want to change default passwords of MySQL and Postgres DB.

Have you found a way to change these defaults?