Data model deep dive

Hi @burke, @terry and all. We’ve had a bunch of new developers join our team and it would be really useful if we could set up a call to go through the OpenMRS data model in depth. I’m sure other members of the community would find it very interesting as well, and I know colleagues from other organisations that use and develop other EMRs, for example TIER.NET, who would also be very keen to join. We’d very much appreciate an hour session if possible. Many thanks! Pierre from Jembi Health Systems

This looks like an openmrs university call.

Thanks Pierre. @burke, do you want to do this on a design call or set up a special call for this event,.@

@pierredane, using a Design Forum ( or University classroom time ( would be easiest. Would either a Monday @ 4-5pm UTC or a Wednesday @ 2-3pm UTC work for you? We could plan for this Wednesday or next Monday if either of those work for you.

Hi @burke. This Wednesdays University classroom would be great! I’ll rally the troops. Thanks very much. Pierre

Is it possible to record this call and make it available to other developers who can’t make that time?

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As far as I know Openmrs University forums are recorded and posted on youtube

Ok. I’ll see you in Uberconference in just under an hour.

I’ll record it and upload to YouTube. I can’t guarantee that anyone will want to watch it. I can’t even guarantee people who attend will benefit. :wink:

Actually, forums (including University Forums) are recorded and posted on YouTube when & if someone manages to record them and post them to YouTube (i.e., it’s not automatic). I’ve played with creating a Google Hangout On Air and having it join an Uberconference call as a way to getting our Uberconference calls directly posted to YouTube, but it’s cumbersome and I didn’t manage to include both Uberconference (Chrome) audio & laptop mic when I was using a headset. I dreamed of having a headless machine in the cloud that could be triggered to join Uberconference and create a Hangout on Air automatically, but didn’t have the time or expertise to sort it out (if it’s even possible). In any case, I bought a personal copy of ScreenFlow and, when I’m able, use it to record and later export to YouTube. If anyone can come up with a better way to get our forums into YouTube, I’d love to entertain ideas (in a separate Talk topic)… maybe even consider using Hangouts on Air for these forums.

Here’s a video of the OMRS University deep dive into the data model:

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I uploaded a recorded and edited version of the talk.

@burke - Thanks very much for the data model deep dive session. It was super-informative, and fascinating to get a view of the evolution of the data model. Your presentation was very much appreciated by the Jembi team, and I’m sure by the others on the call as well. Thanks once again, and looking forward to the next one!