Data Integrity module for data quality audits?

@ayeung and I are in the process of re-evaluating our strategy for data quality. In the past, we’ve relied on the Data Integrity Module. I wanted to learn though from the community:

  1. What module do you use for data quality audits?
  2. Do you use the data integrity module? Is it meeting your needs.

Thanks @jdick for your work on this. I tried to use the Data Integrity Module, but it was missing data quality checks out of the box. There was supposed to be a documentation site with example checks. We ended up using the Patient Flags Module, which allowed the providers to see errors and try to fix them while they had the patient chart with them. We also ran the reports from the Patient Flags Module and pulled paper charts to make corrections to data.

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So glad this is coming up as a discussion! I am highly interested in this. Two things to add here. First, we are actively working on a project to do electronic DQA/QI for our OpenMRS sites in Mozambique. I imagine many of the things we are checking for are going to be similar across all of the HIV C&T work, and some for the broader context of care in general - so it would be great to share, discuss, collaborate in order to make it useful for all. Secondly, I work very closely with Starley Shade out of UCSF who leads the DQA/QI and evaluation work for FACES in Kenya. I mentioned to her yesterday that you had posted this question, and she would be happy to share what they have done at FACES, which has been pretty extensive. Maybe we could find a call for anyone interested to be on together to discuss more?

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Thank @janflowers and @arbaughj for your responses. We’re in a preliminary phase ourselves for figuring this out. It would be helpful to us to set up a call to discuss design ideas in a month or two. Could we get a call on the agenda for late March?

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Hi @jdick. I can put you down for Monday, March 28 @ 4-5pm UTC. Would this work? If you end up wanting to move it up just let me know.

Great, thanks Jamie!

REMINDER @jdick and @ayeung this topic is on the schedule for Monday’s design forum

Thanks, @jthomas. It’s on my calendar.

On my calendar as well.

On today’s design forum to discuss “Data integrity module for data quality audits” with @jdick, @ayeung, and @jdegraft. Without anyone else, I guess we’ll reschedule. Not enough of a quorum for the discussion.

Would a future Monday design forum (4pm UTC) work for folks? Or should we doodle poll a different time?

That works for me, @burke. Thanks!

Any chance of attempting a non-voice/non-realtime discussion here in this topic, at least to start? It would give people a chance to provide some details about their work (as applicable) and interest on this topic, and it might be easier than trying to get so many people to agree on a specific time.

Just an idea to keep things moving… :slight_smile:

@jdick I am brining this back to the top. I have been working with the ThoughtWorks team who provided a rewritten version based on this Data Quality Dashboard, to add support for manually running rules, a UI for Reference application which is finding initial usage in UgandaEMR.

My question is what would the usage for in a DQA/QI environment look like. What information would be captured or displayed, what metrics would be tracked etc?