Data Import Tool v2 Suggestions

I am working on a proposal for the Data Import Tool version 2. I will like to add support for other databases different from SQL. I will like to get community suggestions on the possible databases people might want to migrate data into OpenMRS; since the current version supports SQL based databases.

I am thinking of supporting another database type for the DIT v2, My first thought was a NoSQL database like Oracle NoSQL, I will like to know the popular databases used by the OpenMRS Implementers community so I could add support for the one(s) which is/are not currently supported by the Data Import Tool. The current version support SQL databases, so I don’t know if there are any Non SQL databases popular in the OpenMRS implementers community where the DIT module will be useful.

Thanks for your suggestions!

My guess is that the most common nosql DB you’d find people using in the OpenMRS community is CouchDB.

For example you might consider an example use case like “I have been using CommCare but now I want to move this data into OpenMRS”.

That said, I would imagine that the most common use case by far would be importing CSV or Excel.

Hello @darius,

I’ll take a look at CouchDB, now the Data Import Tool imports data with Excel sheets working as the matching sheets which matches data from the different databases. I don’t know for sure if it can import an Excel or CSV DB backup into OpenMRS( will check with @valvijo and @pascal to be sure) ; I think this will be a better option to support with the Data Import Tool v2.

Thanks, Nyah

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If CouchDB has a JDBC driver you don’t need to use specific APIs, and your code will be portable to other NoSQL databases with JDBC drivers.



That’s awesome then. Then I’ll have to work on importing data directly from Excel and CSV, I think that will be a major improvement for the module; before moving on to more Graphic applications.