Data Import Tool Tutorial

Hello everyone,

@grimm is currently working on a Video tutorial for creating the Matching file which is key to using the Data Import Tool. I was thinking we could schedule a call on uberconference to explain certain key concepts he may not understand.

@pascal @valvijo I will like to get your perspectives on this and your availability so we could schedule the call.


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Hi @ch3ck ,

This sounds like such a good idea, I’d love to participate. I’m already busy for the rest of this week, what about Monday? I can join you in the afternoon.


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Hi @ch3ck, @valvijo,

I like this idea and I like to be part of the call when you guys should have decided on the datetime.


That will be awesome @valvijo. Monday is fine by me. Is this OK @grimm ?

It is perfect @ch3ck @valvijo. If the time could be put too at 8:00 pm (UTC+1) It will be nice. I must have been back from school by then. :slightly_smiling:

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Did this tutorial happen?

The scheduled time is 30mins from now, correct?

I’m not sure it happened yesterday, I couldn’t connect due to internet problems. I asked @ch3ck to change the tutorial to be today same time, lets see their availability.


Hello @valvijo , @pascal and @ch3ck. It’s already 10 mins past the scheduled time for the video call. Are you there? I was on the Telegram channel yesterday. I taught you guys were there so we could setup everything

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Hello @grimm,

Sorry for not informing you on this. I saw a mail from @valvijo to reschedule the meeting. I’ve not been able to since we had the semester exams. So I’ve been offline for a while. We will be rounding up this week. Can we reschedule this to next Monday? @valvijo @pascal @grimm

Please confirm, so I create an event on Google Hangouts. with to the OpenMRS uberconference channel.

Thanks, Nyah

Monday works for me if it’s during daytime hours PST. If not, @ch3ck and @valvijo are the real experts anyway :slightly_smiling:.

One request: if a call happens, please record it so that the knowledge generated can be shared with future generations of DIT developers!

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Alright @pascal

I suggest we do it on Wednesday instead. I have project defence at the University Mon-Tuesday. I don’t know if it’ll be alright by you @grimm @valvijo?

Cheers! Nyah