Customize openmrs reference app registration form for saving and editing.

Hi Guys,

I setup a reference app 2.9.0 dev environement. I want to know how i can customize the registration form to had more fields and have controle of my style writing code. I want to use htmlforms.

Please help me.

Thank you.

Hi @wdessin you can achieve this by simply adding a registration JSON App to your instance, Check this out Do you say you want to use htmlforms for registration?

Hi @ggomez ! Thank you for your answer. Yes i want to use HTMLFORM for registration.

What is your use case here, plus how many variables do you intent to collect during patient registration.

Are you using the reference application?

Thank you for your answer. I want to collect more data than what we collect in the registration app and have the capabilitie to edit entered data too. I have the intent to collect 9 other variables plus what we collect in the registration app during the registration.

Yes i am using the reference app 2.9.

Since you’re using reference application, can you look into this

Thank you! I did it but i can’t edit data entered in new field added.

Which version of the coreapps module are you running?

I just install the last version of openmrs-sdk and the 2.9 version of reference app distribution. How to know the version number of the coreapps? I see in the modules folder of my server coreapps-1.23.0-SNAPSHOT. I think it is the version

@dkayiwa No idea?

Are you able to edit it using this server?

Thank you @dkayiwa. I can’t create new app because the save button is always disable after filling the app name and Definition.

Whenever the save button is disabled, it means that you have an error in the json. Can you paste it at and share the paste link here?

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this is the json:

I just get this:

Can you remove the [ at the start and ] at the end?

Yes i did but the save button is always disabled

@wdessin, I have corrected your code here. Hope that works for you.

thank you @jaghatise. I does not work. Did you test the json on this

@wdessin it’s working I think you need to run it on your local instance not on the online demo. Save button may have been deactivated on the online demo for control purposes. Run it locally please. see my screen with sample.

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