Customize OpenMRS dashboard

hello everyone , i’m new in your OpenMRS world, i installed OpenMRS step by step as you show to do it. Now i need to customize the Dashboard like add some things in the interface for the user by role and privilege… who can help me please ?

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What do you precisely want to add ?

i want to add precisely in the interface a billing feature for the cashier in the hospital, they will need it.

i’m reading : Making Your First Module · GitBook ( step by step. In my terminal console when i try : mvn clean install, i find errors : BUILD FAILURE [INFO] ------------------------------------------------------------------------ [INFO] Total time: 38:46 min [INFO] Finished at: 2023-03-06T11:52:54-05:00

There is something here but it looks outdated

put your logs at

thank you very much !!! i need more module please if you can share more link with me i’ll very happy for this i need laboratory, pharmacy please… all your repository

Is the facility big ? why don’t you use bahmni instead

Lab GitHub - openmrs/openmrs-module-commonlabtest: OpenMRS module for common laboratory test management

Pharmacy GitHub - Rwanda-EMR/openmrs-module-pharmacymanagement: pharmacymanagement on OpenMRS 1.9.11

yes it’s big bro… they haved bahmni and cant use it, the first developper too. Now they try to use OpenMRS…it would be too much to ask if you can help me please to integrate a module and then I can do the others? I can’t do it correctly… please

thanks for link bro

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Let’s schedule a call and see a perfect solution for your facility .

ok no problem. I am available this week from 9am to 4am, EST time. Give you my contact or you can give me yours ?

9h am to 4h pm EST time, sorry

if you see my message please you can text me on telegram use T&N Technologie please, i’m not busy at 7hpm…