Custom search in Registration page

Hi all. I’m pretty new to this forum and I’m trying to implement Bahmni/OpenMRS for my (rather) small private practice. I added a person attribute called secondaryIdentifier (img_1 and img_2)

and configured custom search in registration app.json as follows:

“patientSearch”: { “customAttributes”: { “label”: “CNP”, “placeholder”: “CNP”, “fields”: [“secondaryIdentifier”] }

(entire app.json is also uploaded here for reference registration@app.json.txt (3.5 KB))

The above configuration yields the following search page:

BUT, inserting text in either the NAME field or the CNP (secondaryIdentifier) field renders an error : [could not extract ResultSet]:

What am I doing wrong?

Hi @margineanm, Deleting address section under PatientSearch might cause some search issue. Can you try with the below configuration once.

Thanks for the answer @binduak. You were right. It worked :wink: