Custom patient dashboard view with limit visit for Diagnosis, Treatment, Lab visits.

With the multiple visits of a specific patient, there are huge data on the patient dashboard of Diagnosis, Treatment, Lab orders and it take a time to load the patient dashboard. So I want to display only two visits of Diagnosis, Treatment and Lab result to the patient dashboard which I configured on dashboard.json with "numberOfVisits ":2 but did not reflect to patient dashboard and list all the diagnosis till date.

"diagnosis": {
                "translationKey": "DASHBOARD_TITLE_DIAGNOSIS_KEY",
                "type": "diagnosis",
                "showCertainty": true,
                "showOrder": true,
                "showDetailsButton": false,
                "displayOrder": 1,
                "numberOfVisits": 1,
                "dashboardConfig": {
                    "numberOfVisits": 2,
                    "title": null,
                    "groupByVisits": true

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