Custom FieldGen in own Module


I am developing on a module for OpenMRS. Basically I want to use the existing FieldGenTag in my module, but customized.

In other words: I want to filter Concepts, so I only get all XRAY Concepts in the AutoComplete function. I already have the filtered list, but I do not know how to get the list into the AutoComplete Textbox. I know that I have to create an own Handler for this (AbstractFieldGenHandler) but I do not know, where to register this handler.

I hope you understand my concern and I would be glad if someone could help me.

Thanks Thomas

Hi Thomas

Take a look at the TLD of the custom tag to see if there’s some parameter that provides a filter for concepts. If there is none please create a JIRA ticket, it seems a basic requirement for an autocomplete.


Hi Thomas,

I suggest you use the concept field tag (conceptField.tag), it supports filtering by concept classes. You can create an X-Ray concept class, assign it to your x-ray concepts and then add the class to the includeClasses attribute of the tag.