Cumulative report of the parent locations

When creating reports, I would like to include a cumulative report of the parent locations. Meaning that if a report is selected for the parent location, then it should aggregate the numbers for all child locations for the same report. All child locations will be added up to be included in the numbers for the parent location.

Does this feature already exist or do I have to write custom code for it?

cc @mseaton

@ivange94, this is not generally incorporated currently. @arbaughj created a ticket for this a while back which can be seen here. Does this cover the same need?

@mseaton thanks for this. The second part of the ticket is definitely what we want. I’ve assigned myself to the issue. You mentioned on the ticket that you are willing to give code review / support / guidance to any developer working on it. I will very much appreciate that as I have not worked with the reporting module before and I have a lot to learn. Thanks.

@mseaton so I started work on this. I’m following the comment you made about how its to be implemented. I have done just the first part of your comment but my build is failing. I have change the @ConfigurationProperty to where for all definitions that allow mapping by location. I also added a new exludeSublocations property as you said. Those changes are making the build to fail. Please look at it when you have time. Here is a pull request

@mseaton I figured out the issue and fixed it. Thanks.