[CSV Import] Import extra identifier values via Patient CSV import

As part of one of our implementations, we have a requirement to migrate the patient registration data from some other db to Bahmni. And we want to utilise the Bahmni CSV import module to import the patients registration data. But the existing patient CSV import does not have support to import extra identifiers. So we want to work on the enhancement to import extra identifiers of patient through CSV import module. Thanks !

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Points from PAT call discussion:

  1. All the extra identifier validations given from openmrs like mandatory, Regex validation etc should be applicable to CSV import as well.
  2. Ensure that corrupted or invalid extra identifier data cannot be imported to Bahmni Via CSV import. Ex: If extra identifier has length restriction of 10 character then CSV import should not allow values beyond 10 characters same like UI.

We will ensure that PAT call points will be covered as part of development.

@angshuonline @gsluthra @buvaneswariarun @swedhan @binduak @supriyam

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@tarunshettygari just to clarify, you mean patient identifiers (the data) not patient identifier types (the metadata)?

@mksd Yes, I mean patient identifier data.