Creation of Drug Order

Application Name: Platform, Reference Application Version Number: 2.5.

Question: Hey Guys, i am trying to make a drug order with this payload but i am getting the errors mentioned below:

  • {
  • “type”: “drugorder”,
  • “encounter”:“cdaedf21-f1d7-4568-808d-89af957ed59d”,
  • “patient”:“2a813509-6229-4a5e-b9e8-ebb8f45a3a6a”,
  • “orderer”:“2c0a9f95-44ed-485d-bdee-e80353b5d5db”,
  • “concept”:“be379df6-1691-11df-97a5-7038c432aabf”,
  • “frequency”:“f79faeee-9fca-4d87-a830-c30333b2ff11”,
  • “dose”:“2”,
  • “doseUnits”:“c6adc608-664c-4b48-a976-8da304f876ce”,
  • “route”:“5172653e-68b8-4fd5-9b48-fe57bc138415”
  • }


 "error": {

   "message": "Invalid Submission",
   "code": "",
   "globalErrors": [],
   "fieldErrors": {
       "doseUnits": [{
                      "code": "DrugOrder.error.notAmongAllowedConcepts",
                      "message": "The units concept must be among allowed concepts"
        "route": [{
                       "code": "DrugOrder.error.routeNotAmongAllowedConcepts",
                       "message": "The route concept must be among allowed concepts as specified by the order.drugRoutesConceptUuid global property"

Route and doseUnits i provided, are the concepts named oral(class=misc) and milliliter(class= units of measure). My question is how can i make them in allowed concepts?

Hey @siqlain,

I think @dkayiwa may be able to help, or guide you to someone who can.

Did you get a chance to take a look at this?

Thanks for your time @dkayiwa, I did go through this document but i can’t really find a way to set these global properties.

Did you try a screen like this?

Thank you @dkayiwa this is what i was looking for the whole time, in my ref app there was no option for manage global prop but it was under Maintainence/Advanced Settings.

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