Creating users with different levels of privileges

Application Name: openMRS

Question: Am new to using opeMRS …I would like to know how to create users with different levels of privileges and to add more fields to patient registration details. Can someone help…my WhatsApp number is +254 710 348965

Hi @betwelkoech you could check out OpenMRS wiki it is platform on which there is a lot of information about everything. link- How-to Articles - Documentation - OpenMRS Wiki Still you have any queries then comment.

Where are you trying to create users from, Is it a new module or, you are using Reference application. Again you should make it public for better follow up and we can also learn from your experience

Hey @betwelkoech, I wouldn’t recommend sharing your whatsapp number on such a public platform :smile:

@ betwelkoech if your running openmrs reference application,checkout system administration->advanced administration->manage users