Creating Jira Tickets for Harvesting Features for Reference Application 2.10 Release

Following several discussions below and several calls , regarding adding new features to the reff app 2.10 ,

we would like to come to a final step of clearly creating and defining jira Tickets for harvesting

This will will involve defining existing modules in which these features are t be added , and also clearly defining exact classes in the external modules to be harvested, to make the tasks more clear for new devs to work on these tickets.

I would like to call upon all members of the community who would want to participate in this exercise so that we clearly define the exact work needed to be done programatically , as we would want this work to commence

@c.antwi is shortly going to share a doodle so that we can get the best suitable time suitable for the call.

You can also submit your ideas by commenting on this talk post

cc @k.joseph @reubenv @c.antwi @ball @dkayiwa @ssmusoke @dev5 @dev4 @mksd

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Hey Everyone !

Please find the doodle poll to choose a time to meet

Hey Everyone

The agreed time for this call is 4pm UTC on Uberconference on Wednesday 19 June 2019

cc cc @k.joseph @reubenv @c.antwi @ball @dkayiwa @ssmusoke @dev5 @dev4 @mksd

sorry, i will be missing this call for another appointment. hope we can have it recorded in-case i have to followup afterwards

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Alright @k.joseph. could you probably submit your input regarding the above , on this talk post ,so that we have your input by the time of the call ?? Because your input is actually key. i guess you’re one of the devs who worked on the isante-plus-module and you’re more familiar with it.

@k.joseph ,the whole point is making this task as clear as possible and ready for work, that any newbie dev can work on it . thanks

true, i wrote that entire growth chat feature. let me see if i can have more time. let me see if i can arrange some time to whiteout such a task

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Hopefully it is already on the OpenMRS calendar. :slight_smile:

@dkayiwa Yes its there :slight_smile:

Thanks @k.joseph, that will be extremely helpful

Hello @k.joseph, have you had time to do any work here ? we would greatly need your input before the call today in the evening. Thanks

Classes and files that needs to be migrated for the Gowth charts both CDC and WHO from isante-plus are

Hello all , i have Created a Ticktes board Here for Harvestng features into the Reff App. so far , it only contains tickets for Harvesting the Growth Charts. Note that ,the innitial work will involve Harvesting the features as is , Modification will come in later. Some comments before i can commence work on the above.

cc @c.antwi @dkayiwa @k.joseph @ssmusoke @ball


I have havested the Growth Chart Feature as it is sor far , see ticket For havesting the Growth Chart Feature Here is the PR


cc @c.antwi @dkayiwa @k.joseph @ssmusoke @ball

@mozzy This is Amazing !!! So excited to see this coming alive. Hope we can finish the other features with the same momentum!

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Hi all , from the discusions we have been having , we reached at a conclusion to implement the growth Charts in a complete new module, since core_apps is becoming too bulky. so I have finished that . I have only done a little code refactoring and also wrote test units . Here is so far the complete module on my repo , waiting for @dkayiwa to merge it into the openmrs repo. i havent yet done any feature modification in there.

cc @c.antwi @k.joseph @dkayiwa @ball @herbert24

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After , the module is merged into openmrs repo , next steps would be

  • Releasing the module
  • Adding it to the opemrs addons
  • Bundling it in the ref-app-distro. i shall create tickets for that after the merge cc @herbert24 @dkayiwa
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Thank you for all your efforts ! Looking forward to a feature rich release.

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