Creating and managing programs

I really like the description of the programs functionality it seems to fit well with the stages in our fistula outreach program and perhaps also for a maternity pathway.

Could I just get a little clarification:

For the fistula outreach program I have created concepts(=workflows=states?) of Found (boolean - we have located a patient), Screened(boolean -we have examined the patient), Scheduled (date - we have set this date for an operation), Treated (numeric - the number of operations that have been performed). But I have not identified possible outcomes.

When I endeavour to enroll and patient. The Program is identified and start date (a calendar would be nice) but there is no reference to state. What am I getting wrong?

I am also find it difficult to understand the significance of the programs item on the home/dashboard where the same information seems to be in the Clinical item. Again clarification would be nice.

When I enroll a patient the

Hi @mafrica

Kindly double check your setup if you have covered all the steps as mentioned in the link below.

The above link also has information on the feature and user guide which should assist you in getting an understanding of the Programs module.

Coming to your queries:

  1. We define a workflow for the program which defines what are the various states and also indicate which is the initial state and terminal state. When patient is enrolled for a program, the initial state is set.

  2. The doctor/nurse can change the state of the program and the date on which the change is made is considered as date of state change

  3. Clinical module is used as a Point Of Care and this caters for scenario where a patient enrolled for program visits hospital for some other ailment, the doctor should be able to see from the clinical dashboard if the patient is already undergoing treatment under any program and if so what are all the programs enrolled for.

On the other hand if a patient has been registered for TB and HIV programs, a doctor treating the patient for TB will capture the observation from the TB dashboard - Consultation tab. And this doctor will not have any visibility of observations captured from the HIV dashboard. Which means data cannot be visible across program dashboards.

Hope the Wiki link and above answer your queries.


many thanks for your rapid and complete answer. I am afraid that when I had sen that the code in the early sections of the wiki page was now incorporated in the Bahmni distro the I had skipped the remainder.

It is well explained and an extremely useful feature for us.