creating an observation via the Ref App

Am having an error message when I try to create an observation in the Openmrs instance saying the person id is empty even after feeling it in a number of times as i save the observation

Any help with this? @dkayiwa @samuel34 @herbert24

You need to type in a name of an existing patient that you already created before. If such a patient exists, when you start typing their name, an auto complete drop down will show up for you to select the patient.

ok, let me do that

when I try to save patient I get a patient identifier error even after having created an identifier

Can you share the contents of the server log at that’s it

Did you try create a patient using the register a patient button on the home page?

No, I used the find/create patient option instead

@dkayiwa I get this error message saving the observation is the fault with the complex value now?

Because there is no file selected.

ok, could you throw more light on that?

Can you take a second look at the screenshot you shared?

When I select browse, I think I’ll have to download the legacyui-1.4.0 .omod file, right?

Have you generally read about what OpenMRS Observations are? Or what are OpenMRS Complex Observations? For instance, when you google with this text openmrs observations or this openmrs complex observations