Creating a tabbed interface with HTML Form Flowsheet module?


it is hinted in the [documentation of the html form flowsheet module,][1] it is possible to integrate a tabbed interface created through this module using the uiframework. I am not very familiar with the uiframework and would greatly appreciate any tips on what exactly can be accomplished and how to actually do it.

thanks [1]:

The htmlformflowsheet module and the uiframework module are completely unrelated.

The htmlformflowsheet allows you to build a tabbed interface using HTML Forms in the OpenMRS legacy UI (e.g. platform 1.x).

The uiframework module is a convenience for developers to write UI pages (Java controllers and Groovy views). You can do anything you want with it (if you write the code)…

That’s clear thank you.

I’ve got a couple of questions on the htmlform flowsheet used to create a tabbed interface in the legacy UI

  1. Is it possible when the user performs a patient search, and clicks on a particular patient from the results, to open up this tabbed interface ?

  2. Is it possible to open up a form using a htmlformflowsheet url in edit mode directly ?

thanks in advance