Create OpenMRS Instance

i would like to know what these statements mean and which option would you recommend Distribution or Platform @jwnasambu @odorajonathan @cliff @herbert24

@suubi7 Great question, could you please have a look see here for good info on Distributions

Platform would be the version of OpenMRS your local instance would be running on like 2.4.0 that’s the most recent with bug fixes, new features and stuff like that. Anything you want to inform about platforms @cliff @herbert24

one comes with a user interface and the other without.,i recommend you to try all of them so as you get the entire picture

@suubi7 Platform in OpenMRS terminology refers to OpenMRS Core and doesn’t have a UI, whereas When you mix platform plus a bunch of modules, you end up with a distribution! In SDK, that means the reference application distribution.

As far as Reference Application as a distribution is concerned, it consists of several other modules (bundled modules) working together to serve as EMR platform consuming the API implementation of OpenMRS Core . I will there for recommend you select a distribution instance now but as time goes by you can try out platform too.