Create appointment block with specific timeslot length

Hi all, I’m in the need to create appointments with specific time start, because I have a feature to take these appointments on a virtual room.

After reading Appointment Scheduling Module - Documentation - OpenMRS Wiki and seeing the video OpenMRS University: Appointment Module - YouTube one possible solution to my problem was to create an appointment block with timeslot lenght equals to the service lenght, so just one appointment per timeslot is permitted and in this way I can have a specific time start for the appointment.

The thing is that the input for setting timeslot lenght on the new UI was removed and now it appears that only one timeslot is created for the appointment block.

  1. There is any place where I can create appointment blocks and setting a different timeslot length?
  2. do you see another possibility to solve the presented use case?
  3. Is this how OpenMRS is implemented in real scenarios? I mean, one provider with an appointment block from 10 to 18 that will match one timeslot from 10 to 18 where all the appointments are linked to that timeframe so any patient with an appt might come/wait on that timeframe?

Thanks in advance

anyone with any insight on this topic?