Create an addon module to OpenMRS to call or point BMJ Best Practice

Application Name: BMJ Best Practice

Question: How to create an OpenMRS Module to point BMJ Best Practice?

@shah.siddiqui are you asking how to create addon module or any openmrs modules ,make it clear

Hi Thanks for getting back ro me. Yes I want to create a module and I want to connect that module to the BMJ Best practice knowledge base to get ispacific information as a html request. After receiving the information I want to filter the information to generate a flag to the OpenMRS patient history database. Regards Shah

Are you looking to create something similar to this: ?

There’s also:

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Hi John

Thanks, I want to integrate HL7 Infobutton to the OpenMRS. The following link will give you an overview.

with more technical detail here:

Best regards shah

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HI @shah.siddiqui,

I’m curious if you have you made any progress in integrating HL7 Infobutton in OpenMRS?

I am asking because @mjohnsonpih was interested in the feasibility of using this to integrate The IBM Cancer Guidelines Navigator with OpenMRS.

fyi @johnblack, @jteich


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