Create a dropdown list of Tribes


I need to have a combo box containing a list of tribes (330+). The tribe is not connected to the address hierarchy, but instead needed to ensure data entry consistency. Is there an easy way to accomplish this? I’m guessing I need to set it up as a openMRS concept? I am hoping I don’t have to individually key each item. I was not able to locate this in documentation so I appreciate any help that can be given / suggested.

This seems more like a person attribute to me, which is how it was implemented in the (very old) Tribe Module. I’m not sure how people are currently doing this in Bahmni though.

thank you for your response @pascal. i will give this a shot. :slight_smile:

so @pascal, is there a way to import all of the tribes and connect to a tribe openmrs concept without entering them manually? I’m sorry to be so elementary, this is all new to me. Thank you for your patience.

Hi Denise, You can use Bahmni Import feature to import the entire Concept Set Structure for Tribes Concept set. Please refer the Bahmni Wiki to do so.

Make sure while importing that you have to import coded concept “tribes” with answers as all the tribes(that you wanna see as dropdown values) as mentioned in the wiki link pointed by @swathi Please refer video (1.00 to 3.00 min ) to add a person attribute of type concept.

Great! I think I understand! Thank you so much~