Couldn't find the code for issue: RA290

I am working on the issue: RA290 - Escape key should work just like clicking Cancel button at the end of a form. but I couldn’t find the specific java class for this issue. I’m new to OpenMRS, and I am really like to fix this bug. can some one help me to find the part of the code for this issue?

Hallo @dilki welcome to the community have you seen this and since you are new to the community i suggest you first traverse this

Thank you for replying. I already build the oprn-mrs core and also reproduced the bug in the stand alone application. I want to know how to find the code specific to ‘close buttons’ of the stand alone application. I mean some help to find: which code part is specific to the functions of ‘close button’

@dilki, the code behind this is JavaScript (not Java) and it’s in the UI Commons module.

This wiki page describes the general tool and framework, and also will give you a pointer to which js files you’d need to look at.

(Honestly this is a pretty tricky first ticket, unless you’re very comfortable with JavaScript. But give it a shot!)

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