Could not login to wiki or change password

Application Name: OpenMRS Wiki Version Number: Don’t know about it Question: I can’t login to wiki with my OpenMRS id and password. (Username and/or password are incorrect) When I try to reset my password an error occur: “An internal error occured when trying to change your password.”

Did you raise a help desk request for this?

Not yet, because I want to make sure that is not my problem before raise a help desk request. I will raise a help desk request now. Thank you:grinning:

I am having the same issue. Let us know what they tell you.

@matthewwhitaker, If you previously accessed the wiki/JIRA – you still have access. New OpenMRS IDs recently created after 13 June 2016, please contact the Help Desk to request access to the wiki for edit/write access. Explain why you need access.

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@jwnasambu, I ended up figuring out that I was using the wrong password. Thanks for your help, sorry for taking your time.

@matthewwhitaker its ok

I’d just like to add that @dkayiwa is incredibly fast to grant access to people :wink:

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