Could not load/save the Form which has <obsgroup> and <repeat> tags - HTML Form Entry Module

I have created an form which has and it is repeated 10 times with tag. but when i try to open the form it takes more than 4 mins or sometimes it is just spinning.

here is the link for form, Medication Order

@hpardess you may want to check whether this is the issue you’re running into:

Is it slower with 1 or 2 <repeat> tags instead of 10?

I have reduced it to 2 repeats and now the form is loaded but still it takes around 1 min to load. I mean it is still slow.

@darius, the demo servers (, do not have CIEL Dictionary else I could test and observe the performance after fix of TRUNK-5071 issue.

@hpardess, actually the workaround is to make sure that a certain global property is set. It should be mentioned either on the ticket, or in the talk thread it’s liked to.

Are you referring to concepts by mappings (e.g. “CIEL:5089”)? If not, that’s not the issue.

The other possibility is that you might have a dropdown with a huge number of options in it, such that merely writing out that amount of html takes a long time. In that case switching a dropdown for an autocomplete would speed up load time.

I refer all concepts by mapping like CIEL:1282. Also i used autocomplete for drop-downs that has more than 5 options. My environment is, OpenMRS Core 2.0.4 1 Reference Application 2.5 HTML Form Entry 3.3.2

I read the comments in TRUNK-5071 issue. I changed the value of below global properly to false and the form is loaded fast. search.caseSensitiveDatabaseStringComparison : false

Thank you @darius