coreapps1.9 module

I am trying to incorporate the Radiology module. For that it requires the CoreApps 1.9 version module. I can’t seem to find that version; only the coreapps1.8 which causes errors.

Where may I download the CoreApps1.9 module?


@memedhe it exists in nexus but not in the modules repository. I tried uploading it to the module repository, only to realize that i do not have permissions since am not in its maintainers list. So hopefully @wyclif @darius or @mogoodrich will help you upload.

@dkayiwa @wyclif @darius @mogoodrich All right, hopefully you’ll be able to upload it as soon as possible since me and my team are implementing OpenMRS and have limited time.


I’ve uploaded CoreApps 1.9 to the modules repository. @dkayiwa I also added you as a maintain so that you will be able to next time!

Take care, Mark