Core Apps patient page look and feel different on desktop browsers

Hi @ssmusoke @mozzy @herbert24

What is the status of the bug fixes Sorry I was out for Sri Lanka didnt get much time to involve. I still see some PR’s open can we merge them and complete the work I will start working on few left isues as well


Oh ya ,Thanks @ayesh , i requested @mksd to merge them .

Hi @mozzy

Btw @herbert24 was testing it any idea about testing ?

@ayesh and @mozzy, this one is still current: Core Apps patient page look and feel different on desktop browsers

In short, the delete button is broken in view mode. Could you guys look into it?

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Hi @mksd Sure will look in to that sorry for the late reply

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Hi @ayesh, have you had a chance to look into it? As in, the delete button in view mode, see here.

Also it seems that there is an issue with the obs across encounters dashboard widget that just overflows:

This happens on QA Ref App but not on the demo, hinting at Bootstrap again. It would be great if you could check that one out too.

You can reproduce the above on QA Ref App by adding here the app definition pasted below:

  "id": "coreapps.obsAcrossEncounters.2",
  "instanceOf": "coreapps.template.dashboardWidget",
  "description": "foobar description",
  "order": 1,
  "config": {
    "widget": "obsacrossencounters",
    "icon": "icon-user-md",
    "label": "foobar",
    "maxRecords": "5"
  "extensions": [
      "id": "org.openmrs.module.coreapps.mostRecentVitals.clinicianDashboardFirstColumn",
      "appId": "coreapps.obsAcrossEncounters.2",
      "extensionPointId": "patientDashboard.firstColumnFragments",
      "extensionParams": {
        "provider": "coreapps",
        "fragment": "dashboardwidgets/dashboardWidget"

Cc @jesplana @ruhanga @mogoodrich

Btw, @mogoodrich and @ssmusoke, do you see those empty columns that are beeing added? I haven’t investigated that part yet but clearly that’s weird:


Here at PIH, we just deployed the latest coreapps SNAPSHOT to our test servers and the clinicianfacing dashboard now shows flat as just one column. I see at the top of this thread that this was one of the first issues you encountered. Can you please let us know what is the fix for this issue? I could not find the ticket and PR that indicates how you fixed this one column view. Thanks.

cc @ayesh , did we fix this ??

cc @ayesh , any updates from you ??

For the record I just tried on QA Ref App and the first issue that I described here above is solved.

The second one (the extra unwanted columns in the obs across encounters widget) not, @samuel34 will look into it, this is most likely not related to Bootstrap anyway.

Hi @mozzy and @ayesh,

I have tested out this from the QA server and issue persists, meaning it was possibly never fixed. The quoted below is the issue I’m talking about!

See demonstration below:


Do you see the overlay grey screen? It blocks user input hence disabling the ‘Delete’ operation.

Thank you @samuel34 for bringing up this problem again. Here, at PIH we are seeing the this problem in a few different pages. So far, the only major difference I could find between the clinicianfacing page, where the modal dialog works and the other pages where the modal is not working is that a newer jquery-3.4.1 library is included:

I suspect that there is a clash of so many different versions of the jquery library which are included from so many headers and pages across many modules.


So I was able to figure out what was going on with the modals, and I think I have a fix, I’m running it through our smoke tests now.

Basically, both “simplemodal” and Bootstrap extend JQuery objects with a “modal” function, and so with the introduction of bootstrap.js the simplemodal “modal” function was getting overwritten with the bootstrap “modal” function. Long-term, we likely want to fix the “setupConfirmationDialog” to work with the bootstrap modal and remove the simple modal entirely ( but I ticketed and merged my short-term fix here (

A couple other questions:

Take care, Mark

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Thanks @mogoodrich for the research, and I think this was the issue all over the place, due to different JQuery and Boostrap versions.

My suggestion is that we nuke the JQuery 1.12.4 then fix whatever breakages it creates

Thanks @mogoodrich for that research and fix.
@samuel34 can you test again and confirm that fix works ??

Thanks @mogoodrich for the job well done and the quick fix!

I tested it on the qa-server , it now works ,that is ,the form form gets deleted, However after clicking the delete button , theres no any UI response ie the dialogue box doesnt disapper , or nothing thing like a message to show that the form is deleted.

@ssmusoke I agree re: nuking JQuery 1.12.4 but it’s unclear what amount of cleanup will be needed… there’s also unfortunately the fact that it could likely affect distro-specific pages. What’s the timeframe for doing the next reference app release? I would actually like to cut a release of at lease appui, uicommons and coreapps before making that change, so we at least have something semi-stable before making that change.

We are looking to do a release of the PIH EMR in the next week or two, and so will be embarking on a full regression test shortly, will let you know how that goes (and how it goes may affect my decisions on the next step forward).

@mozzy I will try to test on the qa-server as well and see what I find.

Take care, Mark

@mogoodrich , ideally we would have had this release last year , but it was lengthened by the Ui breakages due to Bootsrap intergration . However we can still hold the release till we fix all the UI breakages.

Thanks @mozzy… my thought would be if the duplicate JQuery is not causing any immediate problems, we do a release as-is, and then tackle upgrading JQuery fully for the next release. However, if regression testing ends up showing that it’s currently causing problems to have both versions of JQuery present I’d likely revise my thoughts.