Core Apps module NullPointerException.

Hi, I have an issue. I have set up modern design on clear core openmrs version. But i cannot make Find, Active Visits, and other Core apps features work.

I have created all location tags. Same as in Standalone version. but I’m getting Null exception like this. Register Patient page

How to make it works? Did I missed something? all modules installed one by one all up and running.

Do you have the registrationapp module started and running? If yes, try restart your standalone.

Thank you for the quick reply.

I’m using Core version that is running on linux(fedora) OS. (I compile it and upload modules) I used standalone as a reference(everything is working there).

Restart system didn’t help. Here is Find Patient page error message.

Is there any reason why you are compiling and installing modules instead of just downloading and use an already made standalone version?

I’d like to understand how the system works and how modules are written, to implement my own solutions as a study purpose.

Have you tried out the OpenMRS SDK?