Convert KG to Lbs capture vitals

How i can change Capture Vitals Weight (kg) to Weight (lbs) and this can calculate the BMI. with the lbs Value

Hi @ibatista.

It’s not possible to modify the Reference Application integrated forms. They automatically get reset to the default form if they are modified. As a work around, you can create a new “vitals” form, and copy the HTML code from the integrated form into your new form, which you can customize to your liking. There is not currently a way to disable/hide the integrated forms, so you end up with 2 “vitals” forms. See here for how to add your custom form…

You would either need a new concept for Weight (lbs) or to enter Weight (lbs) on the form, and convert it to kg to be stored and calculated. PIH was looking at doing that at some point. Maybe @darius or @mogoodrich have more helpful info on what they ultimately did.

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PIH’s form:

This allows you to enter either lbs or kgs; in either case it saves it as kgs.

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You can make changes in vitals.xml to achieve the requirements. Additionally, you’re required to update BMI calculation script to suite weight(lbs).

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