Contribution to the Web Services REST module

Hey guys, I would like some guidance on how to actively contribute code to the Web Services module. I have previously worked on an Open Web App (Obsadmin) which is front end and I am familiar with how i can contribute and make PRs to the specific repo and demo the changes.

Currently I am trying to work on a ticket where i need to fix a bug on the REST endpoints but I am not sure how to go about it.

I know the expected behaviour and i can be able to code it in java but I am sure on where to actually start and how to test my code.

The documentation on the readme and wiki pages seem to focus on how to install and rum the module.

Any guidance or references will be appreciated Thanks. @dkayiwa @darius @wyclif

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Hi @jxn, you need to add tests to PersonNameController1_9Test and PatientIdentifierController1_9Test, please take a look at existing tests in these test classes for examples.

You will need to update PersonNameResource1_8 and PatientIdentifierResource1_8 to do what @darius implemented in PersonAddressResource1_8 as seen here.