Contributing Code/Introductory tickets

Hello family Am in the process of working on one of the introductory tickets but quite stack when I get to where I have to select projects in Eclipse,R.Click and choose Team then Share project then choose Git.I don’t have share project option ie.After Team,This is what I have: Commit, Stashes, Push to upstream, Fetch from upstream, Push Branch, Pull, Remote, Advanced, Switch to, Synchronize Work-space, Merge Tool, merge, rebase, reset, create patch, apply patch, ignore, show in history, show in repository view and disconnect.

NOTE: There is no share project option.

Could any of the above options be used in place of share projects and the following steps like git etc?

Which ticket have you chosen to start working on?

It is REPORT-706. Cohort Indicator Report doesn’t observe parameters

@ddmaker am addicted to the Terminal

Thanks bro for your quick response. I finally got what I was missing and this is it: The version of Eclipse I have auto share projects with git as soon as you import a new repository and I think there is no need of going through Team, share projects and selecting git…:sweat_smile:

However, if you share with me the basic tools of the terminal similar to the above it will be good for me as-well. Long live br.

@ddmaker have you seen this