Connecting Bahmni with an ERP other than Odoo

Last Thursday (April 9th), @ibewes, Mario, Jonathan, @mujir and @emerson met over Skype to talk about how Bahmni can be an option for some institutions in Kenya.

The talking was about some details on how the atom feed integration works between OpenMRS and Odoo, and how the identities (like patients and encounters) are managed among the systems . The conclusion was that is probably viable to expand the module to communicate with other ERP tools (like Solomon, an example of tool already installed in some institutions in Kenya). This new module, when functional, can be potentially integrated with the core of OpenMRS.

Next step is to have the first version of an action plan (with some details). The plan is to have it shared by Wes, by April 27th.

I am interested in this discussion - I’ll try to join the next call.

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