Connect Instruments to OpenElis/ Bahmni

Hi, I want to connect laboratory instruments directly to Bahmni/ OpenELIS to eliminate typographical errors while entering the results. I need to know

  1. What would be the best way to enter results? Directly into the mysql database ? or should there be some other service?
  2. Is there any way to print barcoded labels that can be pasted to the sample tubes so that processing can be automated and error free? Regards, Umair

@umair Did u find answers to ur questions yet?

Bahmni doesn’t support any service as such. You can choose to directly modify the database or create a service that does that.

Sorry to say that we don’t have this feature in Openelis.

I am working on it. Unfortunately the answers i got are simple NOs. I can write standalone programs that can update the database but I wanted to know what would be the best way. Any way, i will dig into the database to find which tables to update when you get the results from instruments directly. EDIT: Pardon me for referring clinlims as mysql, it is rather pgsql. Regards, Umair

Hi @umair, In what format are you getting the results from the instruments?

You can try using mirth connect to receive results from instrument and enter into elis database. I had done a proof of concept by writing a HL7 listener on input side and database writer on output side. It seemed fairly simple and workable.

However, i haven’t yet got a chance to try it out in a production system connecting directly to an instrument. May be you can try it out and let us know :slight_smile:

On your second question, i would like to know how big is the lab that you are trying to have the barcode working? When i had looked at this requirement for an implementation sometime ago, i had figured out that barcode reader (device or mobile with scanner app) would be required at multiple places as the samples flow to different departments and results get entered by different technicians there. In my case it didn’t seem worth at that point in time. In your case would the implementation be willing to invest and maintain those many instruments?

It’s very old post but can you share more details about the PoC? Are there any code samples?