Conflicting files

How do resolve conflicting files? @jwnasambu, @gcliff, @reagan, @sharif

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@gracebish the conflicts mean that some one has merged committed changes into the files where your making changes to at the same time,so make sure you always do a git pull --rebase upstream master which ensures that your branch is updated before pushing your committed changes.

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I run all the commands. Could you guide me on how to solve the issue?

which commands did you run ?

@gracebish and probably how did you run them,

Another option is to do it manually using github itself but this has some rules to follow,

  1. You can go ahead and click on resolving conflicts by deleting the conflicting markers with in <<<<<<<,======,>>>>, and make changes in your final branch to be merged continue and merge your changes but this merge is not going directly to master branch, it remains on your branch however you may not have privilieges to merge to master so feel free at the moment so its an advantage however the first rule that guides this is that ,you need a core developer or a reviewer to direct you of which conflicting files to resolve if you are not familiar with it.

  2. if your Resolve conflict button is deactivated, it means that your pull request merge is too complex to resolve using github so you need another github client to do this. feel free to first use @gcliff option first