Configure Ref App Patient Registration App

I’m trying to customize the patient registration app and I was pointed to this file here


I change the file, created new omod, and restarted the server, but didn’t see my changes in the patient registration. Is there a different place I should be changing the app?


Sorry for the error! Kindly share the error logs on your terminal using and if possible a snapshot on your server side.

Are you doing this rightly in the code or directly in the UI, here is the procedure to follow incase you are customzing the ui ,

Go to System administration → ManageApps → AddApp definition → Add your new registration _app.json file and Disable referenceapplication.registrationapp.registerPatient this might be of help configure registrationapp

Hey thanks for your response. I’m doing it through the code

Hey. There are no error or anything, I just don’t see my changes to patient registration after I deploy the newly compiled module to my server

Kindly forgive me if I haven’t got you right. To see the changes you have made you have to watch the module on your local instance by running openmrs-sdk:watch on the module repository. All the changes will remain on your branch and once you switch to another branch you won’t be able to see the changes again until the pull request is merged.