Configuration to make notes for certain Lab tests mandatory

In the order page, for certain tests the user wants to give specific information about the test to the lab technician.

So a provision to make notes mandatory only for certain test can be useful for the users.

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  1. Config would be like Config: { mandatoryOrderNotes: [“Hemoglobine”, “Urine”] }

  2. Based on fully specified names mentioned in config, we will allow user to save Orders page if notes are not empty for those selected orders

Please consider different UX options and would be better to discuss or seek feedback from community.

  1. The behavior must be consistent for all kinds of orders that are marked mandatory and not just lab test, but applicable to radiology, procedure or any order types configured.
  2. How would you indicate what chosen tests are mandatory?
  3. How will the user fill in the notes for mandatory tests? Is it by clicking each selected order?
  4. How would this behave if a panel is ordered, and within the panel multiple tests were marked as mandatory?
  5. When and how would you show up error saying “you must fill in notes for tests: test 1, test 2” etc?
  6. When would you show up the existing dialog to capture notes? If you were to show the dialog as soon as the user selects the orderable, what will be the UX for 4 above.

We have consulted an UX designer and got the below feedback

  1. A Visual indication should be provided to the user on notes being mandatory for the selected tests
    • A * mark over the notes icon in the SELECTED ORDER list
      • *mark on the Test buttons itself(optional)
      • A help text above the SELECTED ORDER panel to inform the user on the purpose of * mark
  2. Once the order selections are made, the user can click on the notes icon for the corresponding order in the SELECTED ORDER panel and can enter the notes.
  3. And for Tests selected through Panels, a tree like structure with all the test list should be displayed under the Test Group in the SELECTED ORDER panel.
  4. As the earlier adopters of this feature needs to be educated on this, it is recommended to give a Pop up message when the notes are not provided for Test and the user tries to save. Once a selection for Test with mandatory notes is made, the user should not be restricted to move to other pages, as completing the selection might require the user to refer more information from other pages.But if the user has moved to a different page and tries to save, the pop up with generic error message should say clearly that in the Orders page, the mandatory notes should be filled to save
  5. Prompting the user to fill the notes immediately after selecting the Test is not recommended by the UXD


  • The SELECTED ORDER panel could be positioned at the top of the page or it could be a button, once the order selections are made, on clicking the SELECTED ORDER button, a new page opens up with the list of all selected tests in which the user can further give the notes, mark the urgency or remove the orders

  • The current styling of the SELECTED ORDER panel needs to be changed from button type to plain tiles.

Lets discuss this in the PAT call. It would also help if you have mockups (nothing hi-fi, just hand drawn or balsamiq ones)

I am of the opinion

  • I am not sure of the suggestion of the UXD of not prompting to add notes for orders that are marked mandatory. If its an mandatory element, then why not ask the user (not mandatory that he must fill in that time) to fill in the details immediately?

  • For tests that are within a pannel - if numbers of tests within a panel is marked as mandatory, I am not sure of the tree like structure. The order is raised only for the panel (not for individual tests). If you want to do this, then it will require not just UI rework but serverside as well.