Concepts viewing or adding gives error

Dear All, I am logged in as superman and I am trying to view Concepts. However I get ‘Insufficient Privileges’ error for superman… how do I add it to the superman user which I thought was having highest privileges. When I saw superman roles then it doesn’t has ‘Privilege Level: Full’ access so that could be the reason but am not able to give that access as well

"## An Internal Error has Occurred


You must have the following privileges in order to assign them: View OT Schedules, View Metadata Via Mapping, Manage Appointment Specialities, Manage Concept Attribute Types, Edit Beds, Manage OT Schedules, Get Bed Tags, Reset Appointment Status, Edit Bed Tags, Edit Bed Type, Delete Patient Document, app:ot:write, app:ot, Manage Own Appointments, Manage OWA, Get Concept Attribute Types, Manage Metadata Mapping, Appointments: Invite Providers, Get Bed Type"


Any help is appreciated, thank you for your time.

Best Regards,


Solved, superman user was not having ‘System Developer’ and ‘bypass2FA’ roles assigned. I assigned these roles to superman user through system administrator (admin).

Now I am able to edit the concepts which I was looking for.

Thank you.

Best Regards, Supriya