Concept missing openmrs-module commonlabtest

Thanks @owais we are getting the error while uploading the module.The same thing try also @dkayiwa I want to run the module locally.Is there any possibility you can take a look at this paste bin and help me to resolve this issue. I follow instructions provided by @tahira from last week but not able to run this module.

Link to paste bin:

I think user account don’t have much privileges that’s why I’m not able functionality of common lab module.

This has already been implemented. @naveed1228 I’m sharing user credentials with you via hangouts.

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Can we use master branch now?

yes please

@tahira have you try it with reference application or you just run it openmrs sdk?

@naveed1228 we have not tried it with Reference application but openmrs sdk only.

Thanks @tahira and @owais.hussain for the great support and time.I’m able to run the module on reference application 2.0.6.

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@naveed1228 Glad to know that things are working out now. And btw it’s @owais.hussain

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