Concept Mapping Autocomplete Field failing to populate

We are using Platform 1.9.7 and However our Concept team is not able to add mappings to various concepts being created. I’ve since noticed using chrome debugger that the following JavaScript error keeps on occurring on the page when the user clicks the add mappings button.

This error occurs when trying to create the Autocomplete for the concept reference terms.

Uncaught TypeError: (intermediate value).conceptReferenceTermCallback is not a function 
@ conceptForm.js?v= 
@ conceptForm.js?v= 
@ concept.form?conceptId=1251:1407.

A closer look on this error reveals that the functions conceptReferenceTermCallback and displayConceptReferenceTerm are not being created every time the createCallback object is instantiated.

Kindly let me know how we can resolve this error.

That looks very strange, Can you try a later version like Platform 1.9.9 and see if you can reproduce it?