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Hi Everyone… I have to create a concepts for Area measurement… Actualy what i need is when someone enters the horizontal and vertical measurment, Area should come automaticaly in the Area field… I have the formula for my present need…Is it possible to create concepts like this in bahmni…??

Regards Mithun G

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It matters what is being measured and whether the area field can always be calculated. If you expect people to enter the raw data and calculate the area via Javascript, this makes sense. Better than having people make mistakes in math.

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Actualy im planning like need to create 2 different concepts for horizontal and vertical length…When someone enters the value for both,Area should be calculate and store in an different concept called ''Area"… How its possible?? I have a formula for the calculation…Now our staffs are manualy calculate the area using that formula and they written on the case sheet…

How are you capturing the data? If you are using the Bahmni forms and mainly using observational concepts for that.

  1. If using Forms 1.0, you can use this auto-calc feature
  2. If using Forms 2.0, then you can just use little javascript to calculate this value and capture this against another observational concept. You can do this using an onChange event of other form elements. Check here

Im trying auto-calc feature bro…But i cant understand the correct method… Anyway i will try and will update you…